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Live-In Care


Most people would rather get their care at home. Live-in health care is the solution that keeps Virginia elders in their own homes for as long as possible. This maximizes the ability to remain independent while enjoying familiar surroundings. Because caregivers are in the home around the clock, the client is not left unattended and strain on the family is minimized.

Skilled services, such as nurses or therapists, can be added to the in-home care plan without losing the continuity and social support of the Live-In caregiver. Live-In Care can be used for either short term rehabilitation or for long term care.

Short Term Live-In Care is Appropriate For:

• Rehabilitation Patients

Rehab situations usually occur upon discharge from the hospital after an injury or surgery. The Live-In caregiver provides the mobility and support needed to recover at home while remaining independent.

Long Term Live-In Care is Appropriate For:

• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Advanced Parkinson’s Disease
• Complications from Diabetes and Strokes
• Patients on hospice care, regardless of diagnosis, may choose to supplement the hospice services with Live-In Care.

Long term home health care needs typically increase over time. Live-In Care is useful in responding to these changing needs. The Live-In caregiver is well positioned to notice changes and alert family and medical professionals to them.

BestCare also has a Respite Care program where a Live-In caregiver is provided for a short time to allow the regular family caregiver to go away on a trip, or just take a break from the strain of regular caregiving. The cost of live-in care is lower than most people think. Having a caregiver in the home around the clock usually costs less than having an hourly caregiver there for just 12 hours.

Constant Companionship


In addition to affordability, a BestCare live-in caregiver offers unsurpassed care and companionship. Your loved one can develop a trusting relationship with his or her caregiver. Likewise, our caregiver will really get to know your loved one, including his or her daily activities and preferences. Everything from a favorite lunch to preferred hobbies and pastimes. Live-in home care offers our caregiver and your loved one a chance to become friends.

Constant Care

There is nothing more important than continuity of care for your loved one — day in and day out.  A live-in caregiver is always there, providing the same caring style seven days a week, with no disruption to the client’s routine. BestCare is dedicated to ensuring constant and consistent home health care. Even when your caregiver needs a day off, we provide a trained relief caregiver to ensure continuous and seamless care.

Constant Comfort

Opting for a live-in caregiver to care for your loved one can also be a constant source of comfort. Nothing compares to knowing that a quality, trained and compassionate BestCare live-in caregiver is with your loved one at all times. Finding consistent, quality of care from a licensed agency you can trust is essential to your peace of mind.

We stock only the highest quality products from the most respected manufacturers. All products are installed by a team of fully trained engineers. Contact us now for a quote >> 
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